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Individuals with Doubting Image Orientation (DIO) may experience periods of discouragement and a lack of self-acceptance. Feelings of underachieving or an actual drop in work performance may be additional factors. If there is a drop, in work performance, DIOs may be subject to criticism. Even if performance is maintained they may still harbor self-doubts. It is possible that they may perceive the work environment as ambiguous. The feeling of ambiguity could result from receiving insufficient reinforcement for productive behavior, or inadequate directions as to what is expected. Clarifying the expectations of others may help to resolve the problem.


Feelings of self-doubt may indicate that the person is experiencing some uncertainty as to self-identity, flowing from either a reaction to the current environment or from learned responses in the past. An environment that reinforces productive behavior and clarifies expectations helps to resolve ambiguous situations.




Potential Strengths and Weaknesses

Potential Strengths


Sets high standards for self

Responsive to directions of others



Potential Weaknesses


Decision Making

May need clarification of expectations of work environment to aid in the decision-making process



Past learned behavior and self-doubt may impede communication with others


Control of People

May need to analyze whether own behavior is appropriate to situations

May need more certainty in self-identity before dealing with others


Control of Time

Discouragement and self-doubt may prevent efficient use of time in works situation